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Closet Cleaning!
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envirion wrote in envi_shop
Feedback: [LJ (egl)] [eBay]
Payment: Paypal

Prices do not include shipping! I tend to overcharge shipping but refund the difference after ship. :>
All measurements are approximate and with the clothing laid flat.
"Bust" is actually from underarm seam to underarm seam.


Express: chiffon blouse w/ pink velvet ribbon and lace
Very soft!
Size: 5-6
Express: corset back blouse
Size: S


Tweeds: Embroidered 3/4 poof sleeve blouse
Bought at thrift store but never got around to wearing it myself. Might have some light yellow stains.
Size: S


Rag: Lacey Blouse
Bought at thrift store but never got around to wearing it myself. Pretty sure this one has some light yellow stains as well.
Size: S

Banana Republic: Ruffle front blouse
Size: S

Slinky, stretchy dress
This is the kind of dress that has no zipper. You're supposed to slink into it. :)
Bust: 14" Waist: 12.5" Length (from underarm to hem): 33"
(approximate size: XS-S)

NeoVictorian Velvet Dress
I had to move the zipper to fit into this dress and replaced the lace at the hem.
It definitely has a stain on the lace front.
Neck: 7.5" Bust: 14.5" Waist: 13" Sleeve: 18" Length (from waist to hem): 22"
(approximate size: XXS-XS)
$15 obo

Altered punk pants
I altered these deep-pocket pants to be punk pants.
Waist: 13" Hips: 19" Lenght: 26"
(approximate size: S)

Henna: Embroidered skirt
Another thrift store find that never got around to being worn. It's too big for me. I loved the embroidery though!
Size 7
Waist: 15" Longest length (including fringe): 33"
Outside-pocket skirt
A very interesting skirt! The large pockets are outside and has a longer hem on the back.
Waist: 15" Length: 14" front, 18" back


Designer Import: Pollini: Military-style vest
Pretty sure it's for boys. ^^;; Decently thick. I really loved this vest but it's a bit too big for me. Time to let it go.
Bust: 16.5"
Ivory mesh skirt
Bought for a fruits outfit. Would also be great for fairy kei! Completely elastic waist.
Waist: 11"-17" Length (to lining hem): 13"


Canyon River Blues: Pink 3/4 leggings
Bought for a fruits outfit. Child's Medium but very stretchy. Should fit adult XS.


Miho Matsudo 2pc Bustier+Skirt set.
Originally bought for $100 (part of lucky pack). Never really worn because the bustier is too big on me. :( Skirt is fully elastic.
Bustier: Bust: 16" Waist: 15"
Skirt: Waist:12"-17" Length: 19.5"
Metamorphose Rose print - high waist
Got in a lucky pack. Worn a couple times & cleaned. Has partial shirring on the back.
Bust: 17" High-waist: 15"
Length from high-waist: 23"


BABY the Stars Shine Bright Rococo 2pc
Paid $350 for it before it came out in lucky packs. TT^TT Worn a few times, cleaned, but it's too big and fancy for me. The skirt was washed so the lace on the skirt shrunk a bit. Skirt itself is full elastic waist. Also noticed a small blue stain (from the metal hanger, I think) on the front bodice.
Letting it go for less than half of what I paid for due to condition.
Dress: Bust: 17" Waist: 15" Length (from waist to longest): 21"
Skirt: Waist: 11.5"-19.5" Length: 24"
Kidsyoyo AP Carousel replica
I asked for black x white but it's really more like black x ivory. Very thick, heavy low-pile velvet.
Bust: 15" Waist: 14" Length: 20"


Carousel skirt
I bought this for +$50 including shipping because I was in love with the print... but it's really not worth it. ;^; I am disappoint. It's quite lightweight. Fully elastic waist.
Waist: 13"-24"
Length: 17.5"


Talia Speaks Unicorn Carousel skirt
If I can find the headbow, it'll be included. Half-elastic waist. The fabric is a bit thin but the screen print is crisp.
Waist: 12.5"-16"
Length: 21"

Handmade ruffle skirt
Made with cotton sateen and the typical rose lace. Half-elastic waist
Waist: 12.5"-17"
Length: 20"

Handmade simple skirt
Made with blue rose print cotton and trimmed with rose lace. Half-elastic waist.
Waist: 16"-20.5" Length (to hem): 23"


Tenjou Tenge school uniform cosplay costume
Comes with jacket, bow, and short-pleat skirt.
Jacket was originally J.Crew, size 2. It was dyed and taken in at the back to be more form-fitting.
Add your own white blouse and you're good to go!
Jacket: Bust: 15"
Skirt: Waist: 14" Length: 11.5"

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Do you give discounts or take offers on multiple purchases? I'm mostly interested in the skirts.

I was also wondering how tight the bust/waist measurements on the dresses were. And your Metamorphose dress has no bust measurement. ^^;;;

I can consider them. :> Some of the skirts, I'm unwilling to go lower but let me know what you had mind.

The measurements are with the clothing laid flat so are not exactly exact. ^^;; I'm not sure how "tight" the measurements are. Also, please note that I measured "bust" as underarm seam to underarm seam across the front.

Oops. It's kinda hard to measure a "bust" for the Meta dress since the high waist is pretty high (almost underbust ). ^^;; But from underarm seam to underarm seam, it's 17".

Well, for the skirts it would be an offer for a bunch at once. I have to leave for work soon so I won't be able to get back to you about it until later tonight.

Okay, do you know if the fabric is a little looser under the underarm seam then because the underarm seam is several inches above the bust. ^^;;;

Also... there's no stretch on the AP replica dress, right?

Ah, right. Well, just let me know. :) I do have interest on the carousel skirt so that will probably get sold soon.

Meta: I would really not recommend the dress for a bust greater than 34". I'm 30"-31" and it fit me quite nicely.

AP Replica: It does have 2"-3" leeway as it has a "shirred" back but the fabric is really heavy and thick so it's kinda hard... ^^;; What I mean is that the "shirring" is not super stretchy due to the heavy fabric.

Well... Can I put a tentative offer for $250ish as a hold for these? I just want a closer picture of the bust for both the dresses since I can't make the picture bigger on your sales page. Also, I'm assuming the measurements on the Baby dress are tight...

Metamorphose Rose print
Kidsyoyo AP Carousel replica
Carousel skirt
Talia Speaks Unicorn Carousel skirt
Handmade ruffle skirt
Handmade simple skirt

That's... pretty low. ^^;;

Like I said, the carousel skirt already has buyers lined up for it, including one who already left her paypal address.

What I can do is $275 shipped for your list (minus carousel).

Here are the higher-res photos of the dresses.

Yes, the Baby dress has no stretch at all.

I'll probably be okay with that. I'm debating the blue rose skirt as it seems a little flat looking. If the carousel has a pass, I'll take it for full price.

Do you have a flash version of the AP replica dress back so I can see the style of shirring more clearly? Also, do you have a picture of the Baby dress and skirt separately? Sorry for all the questions. ^^;;;

Ok. I'll let you know. :>

And here you go.

I don't have a pic of them seperately (forgot to take it ^^;; ) but the base skirt is a simple 3 tiered skirt and the dress is trimmed with the puffy ribbons.

Carousel skirt available

The carousel skirt became available. :>

Re: Carousel skirt available

Yay for carousel skirt! I keep looking at the Baby dress but I have a feeling I won't wear it. I think I'm really set on the AP replica and am just crossing my fingers hoping the bust will actually fit, lol.

Ugh I keep meaning to ask but keep forgetting... Um... I was wondering about possibly adding the Tweeds top and the white mesh skirt? I kind of didn't want to go over $300 shipped though. -____- What is the bust measurement on the Tweeds top?

Re: Carousel skirt available

Is that$300 including the baby dress and the two other items? Just trying to clarify b/c i'm confused. ^^;

I can't measure the shirt right now as i'm out of town. ^^; I won't be back until monday.
sorry for the delay.

Re: Carousel skirt available

Sorry... I meant without the Baby dress? I think that would be offering too low with the Baby dress included. But now I'm starting to rethink the Baby dress because I keep looking at it. ;__; I have a paycheck coming in today, right? Right? Lol

Not a rush in any case. It'll give me more time to decide. XD

Re: Carousel skirt available

Ok. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it would be. ^^;;

The "bust" is 18" flat (I really should learn where the actual bust measurement is... ^^;; )

$300 is still a bit too low for me. ^^;; Considering paypal takes a chunk for fees and shipping.

I could do $300 + actual usps shipping costs though.

Edited at 2011-05-03 02:45 am (UTC)

Re: Carousel skirt available

Actually, I'll do $300 shipped if we close the deal by tomorrow (Friday). I'm trying to get funds to watch the space shuttle launch. >__<

I had tickets but they were used on last Friday's attempt and even though I knew they were important for the next attempt, I somehow lost them. TT___TT

Please let me know, ASAP!
Sorry for trouble.

(Screened comment)

Re: Carousel skirt available

No problem! Thank you so much!
I'm in EST. (GMT -5) Should I send the invoice now and wait for payment? Or do you want to wait until you can send payment?

Yes, it's pretty much valid for the launch - regardless of when the actual launch date is. Since it didn't actually launch last Friday, the same ticket is still valid on every day it tries to launch until it actually launches. But I was stupid and I think I left them in my jeans pocket - which got washed and had a giant ball of lint in it. D8

Lol, for you, I'll give a free shipping discount for it if you choose to come back for it. :>

Yeah, bust measurements are hard. ^^;; Thanks for the tip.

I hope it is! Kidsyoyo can do custom sizing so hopefully, she got the generic sized one. ;)

Re: Carousel skirt available

Yep just invoice me and I'll send payment. You're kind of far ahead of me in time so I hope it'll still be okay. I don't know when the next launch will be.

You should see what I found at the bottom of the laundry basket the last time I took clothes out of the dryer... A dried up crinkled tea bag. ;____; At least my whites didn't end up tea stained.

It's no problem. You got a bit of breathing room: the launch got delayed to no-earlier-than the 16th. :3

Yeek! How'd that get in there? o__o;; Glad to hear your stuff made it out ok!

Lol I checked my Paypal looking for something else and panicked when I saw the invoice because I thought you needed it RIGHT NOW.

In any case, it's been paid, lol. Yes, small paycheck was small... ;___;

Ah, sorry about that. ^^;;

Sent you an email with info. :3

Yay! I got the box in!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kidsyoyo dress fit, but yeah that shirring is super tight, lol. Or maybe I was just sweating... XD It pulls the zipper so I have a hard time zipping it up. But the Meta dress zipper is really tight too, even though I can stretch the dress several inches more... Suspicious... *shifty eyes* I hope the shuttle launch worked out for you though.

Feedback link, feedback link.. Where are you...

I'd also appreciate it if you left me some here or at GSJ Feedback Cafe OR at EGLfeedback.

Sorry for the delay! I was recovering from a con. ^^;;
LOL! I hope the dresses treat you well and stop acting suspicious.

It did! It was quite amazing even the weather was a bit overcast. Thank you for your prompt payment that helped make it happen! x3

I left you feedback on your personal journal. :]

What would the shipping be for the corset blouse and the outside pocket skirt? This sales post is torturing me because I've spent so much this break and ahdksjafhsjk clothes, why are you so pretty?

They're pretty light so $5 should cover it if you're in the US. If it's less, I refund shipping differences. :>

Alright, just send me an invoice for $22 and I'll pay ASAP. [:

Sure thing! Just need your paypal addy. ;)

Got it! Thank you very much! I'll drop by the post office tomorrow to send it. (Yay for automated post boxes!)

Mailed it out! Shipping ended up being a bit over $5 but it's ok. :>

Do you want me to send you $0.15? xD I can draw you Altair later if you want. I'm studying for a final right now, but I can draw him when I have free time in the future.

LOL, no. It's not necessary.

Altair pic whenever would be appreciated though! hee~ x3

How much shipped to Spain for NeoVictorian Velvet Dress, please?

I'm gonna quote you $15 via airmail. It should be a bit less than that but I'm not sure... :d

how much would shipping cost to minnesota and are they size 13?

Shipping should be about $3.
I'm not sure what size 13 is? Waist measurement is about 13" flat (26" total) if that helps.

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