Closet Cleaning!
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Prices do not include shipping! I tend to overcharge shipping but refund the difference after ship. :>
All measurements are approximate and with the clothing laid flat.
"Bust" is actually from underarm seam to underarm seam.


Express: chiffon blouse w/ pink velvet ribbon and lace
Very soft!
Size: 5-6
Express: corset back blouse
Size: S


Tweeds: Embroidered 3/4 poof sleeve blouse
Bought at thrift store but never got around to wearing it myself. Might have some light yellow stains.
Size: S


Rag: Lacey Blouse
Bought at thrift store but never got around to wearing it myself. Pretty sure this one has some light yellow stains as well.
Size: S

Banana Republic: Ruffle front blouse
Size: S

Slinky, stretchy dress
This is the kind of dress that has no zipper. You're supposed to slink into it. :)
Bust: 14" Waist: 12.5" Length (from underarm to hem): 33"
(approximate size: XS-S)

NeoVictorian Velvet Dress
I had to move the zipper to fit into this dress and replaced the lace at the hem.
It definitely has a stain on the lace front.
Neck: 7.5" Bust: 14.5" Waist: 13" Sleeve: 18" Length (from waist to hem): 22"
(approximate size: XXS-XS)
$15 obo

Altered punk pants
I altered these deep-pocket pants to be punk pants.
Waist: 13" Hips: 19" Lenght: 26"
(approximate size: S)

Henna: Embroidered skirt
Another thrift store find that never got around to being worn. It's too big for me. I loved the embroidery though!
Size 7
Waist: 15" Longest length (including fringe): 33"
Outside-pocket skirt
A very interesting skirt! The large pockets are outside and has a longer hem on the back.
Waist: 15" Length: 14" front, 18" back


Designer Import: Pollini: Military-style vest
Pretty sure it's for boys. ^^;; Decently thick. I really loved this vest but it's a bit too big for me. Time to let it go.
Bust: 16.5"
Ivory mesh skirt
Bought for a fruits outfit. Would also be great for fairy kei! Completely elastic waist.
Waist: 11"-17" Length (to lining hem): 13"


Canyon River Blues: Pink 3/4 leggings
Bought for a fruits outfit. Child's Medium but very stretchy. Should fit adult XS.


Miho Matsudo 2pc Bustier+Skirt set.
Originally bought for $100 (part of lucky pack). Never really worn because the bustier is too big on me. :( Skirt is fully elastic.
Bustier: Bust: 16" Waist: 15"
Skirt: Waist:12"-17" Length: 19.5"
Metamorphose Rose print - high waist
Got in a lucky pack. Worn a couple times & cleaned. Has partial shirring on the back.
Bust: 17" High-waist: 15"
Length from high-waist: 23"


BABY the Stars Shine Bright Rococo 2pc
Paid $350 for it before it came out in lucky packs. TT^TT Worn a few times, cleaned, but it's too big and fancy for me. The skirt was washed so the lace on the skirt shrunk a bit. Skirt itself is full elastic waist. Also noticed a small blue stain (from the metal hanger, I think) on the front bodice.
Letting it go for less than half of what I paid for due to condition.
Dress: Bust: 17" Waist: 15" Length (from waist to longest): 21"
Skirt: Waist: 11.5"-19.5" Length: 24"
Kidsyoyo AP Carousel replica
I asked for black x white but it's really more like black x ivory. Very thick, heavy low-pile velvet.
Bust: 15" Waist: 14" Length: 20"


Carousel skirt
I bought this for +$50 including shipping because I was in love with the print... but it's really not worth it. ;^; I am disappoint. It's quite lightweight. Fully elastic waist.
Waist: 13"-24"
Length: 17.5"


Talia Speaks Unicorn Carousel skirt
If I can find the headbow, it'll be included. Half-elastic waist. The fabric is a bit thin but the screen print is crisp.
Waist: 12.5"-16"
Length: 21"

Handmade ruffle skirt
Made with cotton sateen and the typical rose lace. Half-elastic waist
Waist: 12.5"-17"
Length: 20"

Handmade simple skirt
Made with blue rose print cotton and trimmed with rose lace. Half-elastic waist.
Waist: 16"-20.5" Length (to hem): 23"


Tenjou Tenge school uniform cosplay costume
Comes with jacket, bow, and short-pleat skirt.
Jacket was originally J.Crew, size 2. It was dyed and taken in at the back to be more form-fitting.
Add your own white blouse and you're good to go!
Jacket: Bust: 15"
Skirt: Waist: 14" Length: 11.5"

me: nihlus
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Thank you!

Closet cleaning!
me: nihlus
Feedback: [LJ (egl)] [eBay]
Payment: Paypal

Note: Photos have been color-corrected to the best of my ability.

Shipping to continental US: + $4 first class unless otherwise marked
Other shipping methods/locations: ask
Willing to take offers on wigs marked 'obo'.

1. Medium Purple curly wig
I believe this is an Ashley 850 in Dark Purple. It's not actually very dark. I put fluffy bangs in it. It was worn a few times with wig cap and have been washed and stored.

2. Asymmetrical blue-purple wig
It started out as a Femme Fatale in daydream. I sharpie dyed it with purple and grey and cut it. Unfortunately the cosplay it was for never came to fruition.
$20 obo

3. Water Green Miku wig
I bought this from eBay to weft in with another Miku wig. The wig-size is a little small (at least the other wig was) and the wig is most definitely green-green unlike the seller's photo. Never worn.

4. Blue "changeable" wig
This wig is from AyanamiSatorou on eBay. I only now realized I already have a wig like this. ^^;; Never worn.
5. Long dark brown curly lolita wig w/ bangs
I bought this wig from ebay (can't remember which seller) to wear with lolita but never really got around to using it.

6. Medium brown curly lolita wig w/ bangs
Worn a few times. Also from random ebay shop.

7. Very short red-auburn wig
For practice or under a hat.
$5 obo

8. Dark grey bob wig
Mix of dark brown and grey fibers
$15 obo

9. Bright orange bob wig
From YanKenShop on eBay.
$10 obo
10. Black bob wig
From laurawu on eBay. Never worn!

11. Zig-zag part lavendar bob wig w/ eartails
From a random eBay shop, cut to a bob w/ eartails. Worn once.


Shipping: Actual shipping. I'll probably quote a bit more to be on the safe side but will refund you the difference.

Red/Gold laceup platforms
I bought them on eBay years ago. They're absolutely gorgeous and I only wore them once because they were too big! Size: Italy 37 (approx 6.5-7)
$20 obo
Puchiko plushies!
From left to right:
Shiny pants ($7); large($12); normal($7); hokkemirin($10) SOLD

Puchiko clear plastic poster
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Miscellaneous Puchiko merch. SOLD

2005 Saiyuki Reload poster in mint condition
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